3 Types Of Prescription Lenses

Correcting vision is simple by using eyeglasses (we Danes call them briller). People with eye problems can easily get the perfect lens choice for their vision problems as more stores offer them in the market. However, the main question is how they can find the right prescription lenses (or brilleglas in Danish) for their specific needs.


Vision problems can ruin your daily activities so it is crucial to get prescription glasses immediately. Apart from just focusing on the frames, you must also know your options when it comes to lenses. Various lens materials available in the market today like conventional plastic, high index plastic and polycarbonate options. Each of these materials has its benefits offered for users.


Conventional plastic

Eyeglasses with this lens type are available at cheap prices and offered by many stores, making it a top seller among consumers today. In addition to the price, many people like this lens type because of its lightweight feature. Several…

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