5 Simple Ways to Improve Promo Videos

Promotional videos can be a great tool to have in your e-marketing tool belt. Especially when dealing with small business internet marketing, a well made promo video can really set your business apart from the competition. Promo videos can be incorporated into your marketing strategies in a variety of ways, such as: educating consumers about your business in a more engaging way, further demonstrating the functionality or usefulness of a product, or even teaching a brief lesson.

A well made video does not require a large budget or expensive equipment, especially when producing content for the web. The following is a list of techniques that will greatly increase the quality and professionalism of your promotional video.

1. Visuals
Stand-Up: When a subject is placed in front of the camera and speaks directly to the viewer for a more personal level of promotion.

Do not perform your stand-up in front of a plain wall. Consider the background of your shot and get creative. Pick…

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