7 Keys to Walk in Divine Health

Drink Water.
I advocate that you just drink a cup of pure water an hour. This manner you won’t be running to the lavatory each ten minutes, and you will have what you wish by the top of the day. You ought to drink one/a pair of of your body weight in ounces daily. Example: one hundred pound person ought to drink fifty oz. of water daily. We tend to are made up largely of water, therefore it’s our most important nutrient.

Eat Whole Food Nutrition.
Suppose foods without labels. This is often what I call “whole food nutrition.” God gave it to us, and we have a tendency to eat it, and stay healthy. Man has not tampered with it. Eating with the seasons is very necessary as well. Remember that vegetables and fruits are carbohydrates and we have a tendency to need these carbohydrates for our energy source. Let most of the carbs you consume be from vegetables and fruits. We tend to conjointly want an adequate quantity of protein, that ought to return from free range chicken, grass fed beef,…

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