7 places to Avoid on Valentine’s Day

It is certain that Valentine’s Day is seen as an important and happy event of the year for people in love. But it can also be one of the most miserable days of the year for singles, especially if you have just broken up with your lover. It will be a torture when you watch couples exchange stuffed bears, chocolates and kisses. Therefore, to prevent your heart from being hurt, you should avoid these seven places on Valentine’s Day.


Cafés, Dessert Bars, and Chocolate Shops


Valentine’s Day is often associated with sweet things. Do not hurt yourself by eating a bar of chocolate alone




It is better for you to keep away from beaches where couples are wallowing in love


Lingerie Stores


Do you really want to buy new bras when the store is decorated with hearts and lace?

Movie Theaters


Don’t sit in movie theaters to see a romantic film. You should go to something unsentimental, like an action film that involves fighting and guns

Fancy Restaurants


A nice…

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