A Guide to Superb New Zealand Wines

Next time you take a hold of your wine glasses, and think about drinking some of the fantastic New Zealand Wine varieties that are out there on the market, you should consider the history that’s packed behind the wine you drink.

New Zealand wine first started cropping up on the islands during the colonial period. In fact, the very first New Zealand wine producer was a British man named James Busby. Back in the 1830s he started to grow wine in the Waitangi area of the islands.

It was at a much later date that the very first vineyard was founded though. New Zealand wine didn’t spring up with a very good outlook back then. There was prohibition in certain areas – and because spirits and beer were a lot more popular along with dairy and meat produce it made the task of making New Zealand wine a good business venture that little more difficult. When the prohibition was finally lifted the wine still wasn’t very economically viable to make.

That all changed in the 1960s, this is…

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