Activity Trackers – Taking the World By Storm

The activity tracker market is already huge and growing fast due to the phenomenal success rate in weight reduction and lifestyle change that you can obtain from using one.

Many people are unaware what exactly an activity tracker is and how it works. At it’s most basic, it is a pedometer. However, they have moved on considerably from this and now have a range of features to enable the user to get fitter and lose weight.

Some of the more modern trackers not only measure activity, ie steps taken, miles/km covered, but also provide “coaching” using this data to improve fitness.

The idea is to compile a database measuring your calorie intake, this too can be controlled by offering dietry advice to reduce calories. Then, your activity is measured and a plan is put together by the coach/ advisor to gradually increase your activity therefore burning up the calories as well as making the user fitter.

Most trackers are a clip on device with the better one’s being button sized. It is the…

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