ADVISER: A cheat sheet for hiring your next marketing professional

Hiring for your marketing team is hard. It’s easier to assess the quality of a candidate for an accounting, sales or IT position. Engineers have to be great at math; marketers give you a bunch of words.

That’s why Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh offers new hires $3,000 to leave the company. After the company’s intense four-week training program and a week on the job, Zappos makes what it calls “the offer,” $3,000 to leave the company. Hsieh knows that if a new hire is willing to leave for $3,000, then they don’t have the drive needed to make Zappos great.

Follow these 10 tips and you’ll successfully cut through the fluff.

Tip #1: Define the job before starting the recruiting process.

Start with a job analysis. What business objectives is marketing…

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