All you need to know about fashion shoes for monsoons

It is that time of the year, when you cannot wear the best of your heels and flaunt your style. It would break your heart to see your favourite pair of heels losing their sheen in the muck caused by monsoons. In this season, it is a good idea to opt for comfortable shoes that protect your feet and yet look trendy and stylish. Flats are a good option that will work in your favour all the time. It is better to keep all your expensive delights in the farthest corner of your footwear closet.



This is the season when you can opt for bright hues and add some life to a dull looking day. For instance, a pair of red ballerinas is perfect to keep the water off your feet. You can opt for a material that can withstand the harm caused by this season. It is a misconception that stilettos and different kinds of heels can be classified under the category of fashion shoes. You can look extremely cool with a pair of flats too.



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