Are you a rebel smoker? How to Assert Yourself and Stop Smoking.

This article is not about your usual sort of quit smoking tips. It addresses the issue indirectly by looking at the way some use the smoking habit a way of asserting themselves by continuing to smoke.

Who are you trying to annoy or make a point with? It is not unusual for teenagers to start smoking in order to look grown up and cool, or to rebel against authority. As adults a smoker may have gotten into the habit of using smoking to make a stand and assert their independence.

Fight with the wife? Having a cigarette is a great way of getting some space and showing ‘you can‘t tell me what to do – I’ll show you!”

Leave your desk for a smoke?  Just letting the boss know “you can’t control me, I’m my own person’.

You know it annoys that person so much and you get so much satisfaction from making your point.

But at what cost, is it truly worth it? What if you could find another way to assert yourself that doesn’t harm you? The first step is to take a look at why you…

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