As global disease threat rises, US funding for research falls

Zika in the southern United States. Dengue fever and Chikungunya in Texas. Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Wisconsin.

Because of these outbreaks, many Americans are now aware of a reality health experts have long understood: infectious diseases and other emerging health challenges are a threat everywhere—and not just a problem for low-income countries. The United States and the entire world must be equipped with tools to quickly address emerging threats, small and large.

In his inaugural address, President Trump spoke of the power of the American fight and spirit “to free the earth from the miseries of diseases and harness…the technologies of tomorrow.”


Yet, U.S. government funding for researching these and other diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria has reached historic lows. According to the new annual G-FINDER investment survey, U.S. government funding for neglected…

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