As young move away, traditional craft dies out in Nepal

THIMI, Nepal (AP) — For generations, the residents of the ancient Nepali town of Thimi supplied the rest of the Himalayan country with everything from tiny clay lamps used in temples to massive grain storage jars.

Locals still mix clay and throw it on potters’ wheels, then leave pots to dry and harden in the sun.

But not for long.

As more young people leave town for better paying jobs in other parts of Nepal or abroad, fewer families have to eke out an income from the relatively low-returns business of clay pottery.

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For almost 50 years, Ratna Bahadur Prajapati made clay pots and sold them in the nearby market. That was the trade of his ancestors. The potters of Thimi are all Prajapatis, a Hindu caste group.

“It’s difficult to earn a living through pottery nowadays. It requires…

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