Barack Obama: A Year in Pictures

By winning the election in the race for White House, Barack Obama, 47-year-old first-term senator from Illinois, marks the first African-American president in 200 years of history. Without a doubt, he receives the endless encouragement from whole American. New Year 2011 has come and it is time to look back 2010 president-style of President Barack Obama. Below is the ongoing collection of President Obama’s pictures from private meetings to unusual angles in his personal life and public events in the year 2010. All pictures are shot by Pete Souza – official White House photographer.


In the special election in Massachusetts, Scott Brown from Republic Party unexpectedly won the seat of Edward Kennedy from Senate which threatens the pass of health insurance reform.


The President Obama made a number of hundreds phone calls to press Congressmen vote for health care reform bill. The photo is captured in the Oval Office after his dinner.


In a café in Missouri, President…

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