Brain Health And Brain Plasticity Explained

The health of your brain will also ultimately effect the fulfillment of your life. A brain that doesn’t function properly and “fire” information in an improper way can have important conscequences on your feelings and daily mood. This is why it is so important to learn more about brain health, brain plasticity and how both can dramatically improve your standard of life.

So what is brain plasticity? It’s the ability of your brain to change dramatically through learning and experience makes the human brain so very unique.

Plasticity refers to this fact that your brain is constantly changing for better or for worse as you age and live out your daily cycle.

And this is not just a figure of speech, the actual gray matter in your brain alters physically as you learn more and experience events throughout your life. Besides the gray matter changing form, your brain also uses neural pathways and connections that are constantly evolving.

Anytime you learn something new, you are creating…

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