Building a Glass Extension – Things to Consider

A little more space and light can truly make a home a far more welcoming place and really allow you to improve your lifestyle. Conservatories can often be touted as a solution; however they don’t offer the attractiveness and the longevity of a glass extension.

Building a glass extension is usually something that is quite similar to building any extension, although it is preferential to use a qualified company with experience in the area of contemporary glass extensions. These kinds of extensions are versatile, attractive, strong and will really add something extra to your home. However, before you install one, what should you consider?

The sort of glass you decide upon is important. Because glass does not offer the same level of insulation as brick or other materials, you will most certainly need to consider double or even triple glazed panels.

This sort of high quality glazing is also covered in what is known as metal oxide. This helps to keep up to 80% of the heat in the…

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