Cancel/Recall Android Remote Wipe: Your Options

It happens: you lose your phone, freak out because there’s a ton of personal information in it. You go to Android Device Manager (aka ADM), lock your phone with a temporary password and ask ADM for a remote wipe.

Later, it turns out that the phone was just misplaced and out of battery. If you turn it on, it should be wiped right away.

The thing is: once the remote wipe has been requested, there is no way to prevent the command from being SENT (save time, don’t search further), but you prevent the command from being RECEIVED (and executed).

If you follow these simple steps, you may just save yourself a lot of troubles (more details below, I’d advise reading the article):

  1. Shut down all data communications by removing the SIM and shutting down your WIFI network
  2. Boot. Log into the phone
    1. Switch to plane mode.
    2. Go to Settings>Security>Device Administrators>Disable ADM
  3. Backup your data…

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