Clear Space in Your Closet or Room with These Tips on Shoe Organization

Have you ever stepped inside your closet to grab a sweater and found yourself tripping over the shoes that litter your limited floor space? Does your shoe collection take up valuable shelf space that could be used to store other items? Follow even one of these tips on shoe organization and you’ll be able to clear more space in your closet or bedroom for clothing, handbags or other items.

Give your shoe collection its own shelf space with the Melamine Shoe Cube. This organizer is a fun and fast way to bring each pair together in its own little cubbie. The laminated particle board is sturdy and the open front allows you to see all of your shoes at a glance. Order whatever size you need to handle your collection then place it in the closet or a convenient corner of your room. You can even position it in a place where you need extra shelf or counter space, then make use of the top for storage of other items.

The Overdoor Shoe Rack mounts on the wall or hangs over your closet door….

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