Coffee: How Do You Store It?

Many of us wouldn’t think of starting our day without it. Some of us program our automatic coffee makers to wake us up with the smell of freshly brewed java. Others of us will gladly sit in line at the drive through of our favorite local or corporate coffee shop for our “on the way to work” double espresso cappuccino.

Truth is, we are caffeine addicts and proud of it (I know I am.) And to become a true aficionado of the lovely liquefied brown/black bean, one must know how to treat it with care. As Nietzsche once said, “Love the bean and the bean will love you.”

(Okay, Nietzsche never said that. But someone really smart should say it or use it as their epitaph!)

Anyway, beyond weird philosophies, we ask our own deep question: What’s an important part of coffee bean care that is typically overlooked?

It is our industry expertise of course: Storage.

Once you buy those favorite beans from your favorite retailer, how should you store them?

In the fridge?
At room temperature?
Close to the…

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