Cost Efficient Magnesium Anodes are employed in Marine Industries

Magnesium Anodes: Overview

These anodes are mostly and widely used in the Cathodic Protection (CP) industries. CP is a conventional method of corrosion mitigation that takes place in the storage tank, in the pipelines and in the underground metallic structures. They have an intense intrinsic ability to produce high driving voltages that are basically suitable for buried structures and fresh water applications. Moreover, they rank higher as compared to metals like zinc or aluminum, and other metals that are used as sacrificial anodes. Nonetheless, the high driving voltage properties of these anodes contributes to a rapid deterioration in the salt water too.

Efficient Physical Properties of Magnesium Safeguards a Ship

The most common application of magnesium anodes is in the marine industry. These devices are electrically connected to the hull of a ship, whereby, they come in the presence of oxygen and water, and begin to lose most of its electrons. The electrons practically flow…

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