Culture as we all know is different for different tribes

Modern Logo designs and Culture:

Last day my boss was telling another employee that the clients have loved the new logo that he drew for them. Later, when I asked him what type of logo he drew for them? He answered that he included a little Indian culture in that logo design. Because ‘Holi’ is coming in few days and the company was also from India.

This idea then struck me that why not I write an article on this topic? It’s not an old one and I haven’t seen any article on internet concerning this specific topic. So, here I am writing on the topic

Influence of Culture on Logo:

Culture as we all know is different for different tribes. These tribes formed different nation states and the culture expanded.

Now, in this era of globalization when westernization is on the rise people including CEO’s of different companies are getting sensitive about their basic values. They want…

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