Dating Advice: 5 Minutes to Finding the Love of Your Life

We all want an amazing love relationship, yet in today’s dating scene it is harder than ever to find the love of your life. Does this scenario sound familiar? You meet that special person you really like. You go out on a few dates and think there may be a real connection there for you. Then you discover that the person is not a good fit, and even worse, a huge disappointment!

And what did you get in return? More wasted time and energy, but what if you could find out in about 5 minutes if a person has the potential to be the love of your life?

Find Out in 5 Minutes

There are a series of four steps to finding the love of your life in Conscious Dating:

1.Scouting is the process of finding people to meet.
2.Sorting is the process of quickly determining in a conversation if someone you meet is a person you would like to get to know.
3. Screening is the process of gathering enough information to determine if someone meets your requirements or not.
4. Testing is the process of gaining…

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