Does Nicocure work? A look into the Nicocure electronic cigarette

Fact of life – smoking kills. No less than the World Health Organization attests to that reality as statistics show that almost six million people – smokers, ex-smokers, and second-hand smokers – die annually. So it does not come as a surprise that more smokers are turning to alternative means. The craze extends to the Nicocure electronic cigarette as one of the helpful anti-tar-smoking gadgets in the market today.

E-cigarettes are considered as technological advances, even in the field of health care. As most medical and homeopathic practitioners will be wont to agree, quitting is especially hard to do since the addiction to nicotine is usually strong and likened to drug or substance addiction. In other words, even modern medicine needs a miracle – or maybe the power of alternatively healthier smoking.

And so we ask the question: Do Nicocure electronic cigarettes work? Let us count the ways:

•  To start off, e-cigs are always free from tar. A smoker will agree that tar is…

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