Dolly the sheep: 20 years on, questions remain over cloning

More than seven months earlier, on July 5, 1996, they had aided a Scottish Blackface sheep in giving birth to a Finn Dorset lamb codenamed 6LL3.

Using a breakthrough technique called somatic cell nuclear transfer, scientists at Roslin took a nucleus — the part of the cell that contains most of its genetic information — from cells within the mammary gland of an adult sheep and stuck it inside an unfertilized egg from which the nucleus had been removed.

They stimulated the egg to develop into an embryo and planted the embryo into a surrogate mother. The lamb was dubbed Dolly, a nod to country music legend Dolly Parton and her famously ample bosom.

Years later, that same cell cluster was used to make four other sheep just like Dolly.

Revealing Dolly

The lab had kept her birth secret for seven months to make the announcement coincide with the publication of the scientific paper…

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