Easy ways to prevent leaky basements

Easy Ways to Prevent Leaky Basements

A minor leak can turn into a wet basement in a short period of time. Not only can a basement leak cause a significant amount of damage, it can also turn your home into a health hazard. To avoid being forced to pay for the expense of cleaning up a basement leak, you should learn how to prevent water leaks before they ever occur. While some unexpected pipe bursts are unavoidable, here are 5 effective ways to avoid the slow leaks that preventable.

5 Ways to Prevent Basement Leaks 

Observing Where the Common Problems Happens 

Being observant is very important. There are a number of areas in the basement where leaks can start to develop. If you check your water hoses, like those that are attached to your washing machine, you can look for signs of damage that can lead to a leak. Also observe the water heater for rust and moisture, which is a sign of leakage that can later translate into a wet basement. 

Know the Warning Signs to Look For

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