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Now, you can choose the best e-cigs and feel the rush of nicotine in your lungs; undeterred of smell on the hair and hands, tar, cough and risk of diseases like heart attacks, lung cancer and so on. The starters who are switching over to e-cigarettes usually have many queries and they can be cleared through the e-cig social networks and electronic cigarette forum.  However, the common queries on electronic cigarettes are:

1. How far e-cigs substitutes the real cigarettes? 

They mimic the real tobacco cigarettes both in their appearance and effect. No doubt, they satisfy most of the smokers. The vapor emitted from the e-cig resembles the tobacco smoke but contain no harmful chemicals.

2. Is it safe to use?

No doubt, it is safer than the real tobacco cigarette. The real cigarettes contain more than 500 toxins where as e-cigs do not have these hazardous chemicals and they do not even produce smoke.

3. Can they be used in public places?

Electronic cigarettes can be used at any place…

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