Email campaign design: targeting, offer, timing, creative

The four main variables are:

1. Creative: the design and layout of the mailshot

2. Offer: the proposition or the benefits of responding

3. Timing: the season, month or day when the offer or mailshot lands on a desk or in a house

4. Targeting: the segments we are targeting; the mailing list or section of a database.


Targeting for e-mail marketing involves selecting a subset of the list for mailing, whether it is a bought-in list or a house list.

Let’s run through 10 of the common options for targeting, highlighting their relevance to e-mail marketing.

1. Demographics (age, gender, geography). With the relatively low cost of creating and dispatching e-mail creative, a different style and tone of creative can be developed according to age and gender.

2. Lifestyle or psychographic. The providers of lifestyle classifications provide services to integrate this data with e-mail lists in order to target according to lifestyle.

3. Business-to-business. For B2B organisations,…

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