Emphasizing the Positive: Empowerment from Small Charities


In this world of total sadness and chaos within and without, positive outlook is a great tool of survival. The positive outlook will believe that someday things will be alright – and that pain will not last long. A long list of positive people can be drawn out of the millions who got their chance of making it big out of the jungle of life. Positive outlook seeks the inevitable and change it into assets than despairs.


Small charities maintain the standard of positive perspective. Why? Small foundations are working with people, especially the marginalized and the weak. These individuals are broken; their thoughts are not solid; their beliefs are shaking; and their ability to cope in great danged. This is real scenario that small charities must face everyday.


In fact, social workers and case managers that are handling people’s lives are in a great deal of challenge. The enormity of the challenge engulfs them in not to succumb into negativity, which may also affect others….

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