Entitlement Mentality: What Created It?

In today’s society there is a common mentality and this mentality is often called – The Entitlement Mentality. On the dictionary.com website this is described as: The fact of having a right to something and the amount to which a person has a right.

So what this means is that one has the right to something and that this right is not based on having earned the right. This right exists regardless of one having to do anything.

My Opinion

There are surely a lot of reasons and factors as to why the entitlement mentality exists in society. What I will be expressing here is purely my views and opinions. I do not claim to have the absolute truth; this is simply what I have come to conclude at this moment.

The Modern World

This mentality often shows up as: expecting something for nothing; the expectation that one can achieve something with minimal or no effort and believing that another person or people owe one something.

What is then created here is a very one sided attitude and an…

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