EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE on Pamela Anderson’s faux fur pleas

Pneumatic Baywatch bimbo Pamela Anderson, 49, is leading another of her campaigns to persuade the Queen’s bearskin-clad guards to switch to fake fur hats. 

She has tried before without success. It takes one black bear to make each hat, with the MoD buying around 100 a year at £650-£700 each. 

Does Ms Anderson have an agenda? Maybe it is a coincidence that she is working with Russian faux fur manufacturer Only Me.

Pamela Anderson pictured in London. Is there another motive behind her fake fur plea?

Donald Trump openly sneered at Jon Sopel, the BBC’s North America Editor, during his surreal press conference last week. 

Sopel, 57, is not the first BBC man to be derided by a US president. 

In 2007, former BBC political editor Nick Robinson, 53, incurred the wrath of George W Bush at Camp David. 

Bush: ‘You’d better cover up your bald head, it’s getting hot…

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