Everything We Need To Know About the Brain

You no doubt know that your brain is one of the most important things you use everyday. However, most people don’t know everything about the brain and how it works and why it works that way.

Explaining it all in detail would take a lot of time and many pieces of paper but here are some of the more interesting highlights.

The brain controls many of the tasks that are essential to our mere existence including body temperature regulation, blood pressure, heart rate and even your breathing. It is also your main control center for any kind of information your process including hearing, seeing, touching, smell and tasting.

Inside your brain there are approximately 100 billion nerve cells called neurons. Neurons are similar to any other cell in the body except for the fact that they gather and transmit electric signals. These neurons travel through connections in your brains that allow the information to flow through and be processed.

We can divide the brain in four main part. The…

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