Examining the Liquid Found in an Electronic Cigarette

The E-Liquid, also referred to as E-Juice, is what is contained in the smokeless Electronic Cigarette. The liquid is a mixture that consists of nicotine and flavoring which is dissolved into one or more hygroscopic  components. This produces a puff of smoke resembling a vapor, whenever a smoker inhales their E cigarette exhales. The liquid blend that goes into the cartridges of an E-Cig can be preloaded into disposable cartridges or be injected into an existing cartridge for reusable purposes.

The liquid in an electronic cigarette contains commonly used components such as:

  1. Propylene glycol – artificial liquid that absorbs moisture
  2. Vegetable glycerin – liquids as an interruption for nicotine and flavorings
  3. Polyethylene glycols 400- clear colorless liquid

These are all common food additives and are also used to deliver medication in some asthma inhalers.

The E-Liquid comes in a wide variety of flavors, making it more enjoyable for smokers.  Some of the options available for the…

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