Experience Pays Off for a Patent Attorney

Patent Attorney Salaries

No matter what career path you might be considering, salary is always one of the major questions to be asked.  If you are considering a career as a patent attorney then there is no doubt this is one of the areas you are most concerned about when making your choice.  According to recent reports, a patent lawyer can be looking at a wide range of salary amounts.  The low end of the scale can be a mere $45,000 while the high end of the scale can be $250,000 or more.  Of course, there are a number of variables that affect where in that range a particular salary might fall.

Factors Affecting Patent Attorney Salary

Your classification is the first thing that will determine your potential salary.  A scientist or engineer without a law degree but who has passed the Patent Bar exam is classified as a Patent Agent.  However, if you have a law degree, upon passing this exam you will earn the title of Patent Attorney. Subsequently, having the same amount of…

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