Fed’s Proponent for Regulation to Depart, Leaving 3 Vacancies

After Mr. Trump’s victory, some Democrats privately urged Mr. Tarullo to remain in place for at least another year, but they did not convince him.

In an interview on Friday, Mr. Tarullo said that he was proud of the progress made over the last eight years in strengthening financial regulation, particularly of the largest financial institutions.

“I think everybody that has been working on this can take some satisfaction in how much has changed,” he said.

Mr. Tarullo also said he was optimistic that what he regarded as the most important changes were likely to endure.

“I do think that the core changes, with respect to the biggest institutions in particular, which is increased capital, stress testing, liquidity requirements, increased risk-management expectations and a feasible resolution regime — I think that those are both very…

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