Finding your way through Environmental Graphics Design

Going to any establishment such as theme parks, hotels and even cities, one may notice signage around the area that tells people how to get from one place to another and even maps to depict the whole area. This is an example of Environmental graphics design. But what is it and what does it do?

Environmental graphic design a type of design that is responsible for giving people an idea of what the place is and what the place looks like. It. Environmental graphic design uses several design principles with the sole purpose of illustrating the face of the environment. It also provides information on what people can find in a particular area and how they can get to a specific area.

In environmental graphic design, the designers put signage or maps on different strategic areas of a place. The signage or maps are usually visible and accessible to individuals with clear instructions as to where they are, what they can find in the area and how they can get to other areas if needed….

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