Galgotias University – A New World of Education

Galgotias University, which includes a multitude of colleges and institutions like Galgotias Business School, Galgotias College of Engineering and Galgotias Institute of Management under its umbrella, was established in the year 2011. The university endeavours to make leaders instilling in their students attributes like analytical and reasoning skills, great communication skills and proficiency in various other areas that help them succeed in the competitive global world. With a multidisciplinary approach that stresses on active learning, Galgotias University is considered to be an excellent centre of learning and innovation.

The university offers outstanding faculty that comes from the various parts of the world. Galgotias University does not compromise with quality and that makes it one of the most sought after universities. The university houses great infrastructural facilities that include the well equipped library, great classrooms, accommodation facilities, laboratories, mess and others. There are excellent opportunities for a diverse range of extra-curricular activities.

With an approach that facilitates innovation, management, leadership and development, Galgotias University always aims at perfection. The university offers excellent infrastructure that includes modern classrooms, well equipped library, accommodation amenities, laboratories, canteen etc. The faculty that the institute offers is world class as they are the past leaders of the market. They have the insight of their respective domains which they share with students to prepare for the job market.

The university promotes extra-curricular activities. It strives towards making the university a platform that is engaging and involving. There are various clubs in the university that significantly help in enhancing the personalities of the students. Some of the clubs in Galgotias University are Basketball Club, Dramatics Club, Technical Club and Rotor act Club. The clubs provide a platform to students to identify their talents. The university offers various opportunities to students to enhance their skills. Needless to say, these clubs profoundly help in making students confident individuals and better professionals.

With a holistic approach, Galgotias University undeniably strives to make dreams come true..!!

Galgotias University has been inculcating practical skills and creating ‘Global Professionals’ for more than 50 years. Galgotias University is known for a combination of state-of-the-art campus, strategic teaching-learning process, together with the most advanced facilities, creating an environment in which wholesome corporate personalities are created.

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