Goose Calls: Make the Most Out of Hunting Trips


Goose hunting trips are mostly successful if one does it right. It is not that easy. At times, it takes a lot of practice especially when it comes to making goose calls. A successful goose call requires reproducing the same sounds that specific goose species make.

Before going on a trip, a hunter has to make sure that he or she has all the equipment needed for a trip. It does depend on the hunting ground. Hunters can actually hunt for geese on open fields or near bodies of water.

The equipment needed

Goose calls, decoys, hunting blinds and a weapon are all needed. The weapon can be a shotgun, bow or crossbow. That depends on the hunter’s preference. However, shotguns are more popular because these can shoot more accurately at long ranges.

Decoys are usually placed in the area wherein one wants to get the geese. These can be set on water or land. If it is to be placed in the water, a boat may be needed.

Hunting blinds actually cover the hunter and their gear. It is used to…

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