Helping Children Prepare for the Move

Moving for anyone brings many stressors, even if it is a good move. For young children, this disruption of their normal routine and home can be especially stressful. They usually have lots of questions and tend to take on their parents’ attitude towards the move. Here at Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, we want your move to be as positive an experience as possible for your whole family.
The following are some hints to help ease your young child’s transition from one home to their new home.

1. Visit your new residence with your child, if possible. Discuss which room will be theirs. Help them plan where their furniture will go. Take pictures of the community around your new residence to talk to your child about later.
2. Correlate the packing for the move to the packing for a trip. Most kids have taken trips before and understand the need to pack things for a vacation. Instead of using all suitcases, this time you will be using mostly boxes.

3. Pickup some…

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