Hockey Betting Useful Wagering Tips!

When it comes to hockey betting, those people who understand it and does their homework gets to earn a lot of bucks in this sport. Although it may take a backseat from other wagering sports, the opportunity and revenue is pretty good, as long as you know what you are doing.


To help you build up your bankroll, we have wagering tips that can take your hockey betting career to the next level.


Capitalize on Hockey bets and odds that are best for you

Remember that the moneyline here is the same as in other sports. If this is your first sports betting game then you should read about moneylines. There is no point spread in a moneyline bet. The highest negative money is the favorite, with the positive money going to the underdog. The puckline is the NHL’s variation of the spread. It is set at 1½ goals. If you bet on a team at +1½, they are the underdogs and can win outright, tie, or lose by one goal. Favorites are listed at -1½, and must win by at least two goals to earn a…

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