How Cold Should the Beer be Before Serving?

With variation in styles present in the intoxicating world of beer, the question regarding the serving temperature needs to be addressed—and in more ways than one. There is no absolute benchmark and the temperature depends on individual tastes and preferences. The generally accepted norms regarding the chilliness of beer can be tweaked to a certain degree and as a drinker you are the right person to set the thermostat to the desired level.

Challenging the myths-

Beer needs to be very cold before being served: Most beer manufacturers’ and breweries position their brands on certain features apart from taste. The cold sensation provided by chilled beer inhibits the taste receptors of your tongue and so the need to neutralize the taste becomes important. Guzzlers should know that alcohol delivery systems do not require taste; which usually gets into the way.

Numbing the taste buds with a cold refresher –iced tea, soda or simply chilled water can provide a similar “cold…

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