How Do I Choose the Right Music Camp for my Kids?

These days there are literally hundreds of choices for summer camps and usually several dozen of those are music camps.  From Girls Rock Camp, to Intro to Guitar, to Advanced Chamber Music, how is the parent of a budding young musician to decide?  As the parent of an eager seven-year-old musician and a music teacher myself who has taught at several different kinds music camps over the years, I know the decision can be daunting.

Obviously the best place to start is with your child.  For most parents I have talked to this is where the whole idea came from in the first place:  Johnny’s friend did Rock Guitar Camp last year and loved it, Mikayla has always wanted to be in a Broadway Musical and she heard they are auditioning for the Sound of Music at the school down the street.  Most camps have clear age and ability requirements as well, add to this scheduling, location and price and it may seem that the decision is practically made for us.

Or is it?

Surprisingly, the one variable…

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