How to Attract Wealth and Abundance

At some time or other in their life, almost everyone in the world wants to know how to attract wealth and abundance. Here are some simple ideas that will tip the balance in your favor and help you to start attracting more wealth and abundance.

Set yourself targets

Start with nice, easy, targets at first. This helps to build up your confidence and shows your mind that the targets you’re setting are for real.

It’s often said that only things that are measured actually happen. This applies to your wealth targets as much as anything else – if you’ve only set a vague target of “I want to be richer” then that could mean as little as an extra dollar in your pocket. But if you’ve set yourself a measurable target of an extra hundred dollars in your pocket (legally of course!) each and every week then you have a yardstick that you can measure your success against.

Setting a target will give your mind the focus it often needs and will help steer you towards the things that will make that…

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