How To Decide The Timings For Your Wedding Day

The first point to remember is that the day should happen exactly how you want it to; it is your wedding after all. However there are a few things that you could or should consider. To start with draw a time-line with hourly or ½ hourly gaps then in pencil start to plot in events onto that time line.

The first thing I would consider is what time you want or need to leave the venue. Are you going away on honeymoon that day? Do you have to catch a flight? Or are you staying at a different hotel and need to travel there. Plot this time on your timeline to start with.

The next thing to think about is what time you want to eat, rather than what time you will have your ceremony. Consider if you have any elderly or infirm guests or children. Will they need to eat at a certain time? If you are considering having a buffet later you will need to think about allowing a sensible gap in between without making your evening guests wait too long for their food.

So what time should you have your…

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