How To Find Free Scrap In Australia

Because a lot of people have identified scrap in Australia as a pretty lucrative way to make some extra cash, many of the places where you could once source scrap have now made it near impossible to get any sort of metal for free (at least, legally). Whether you are looking for scrap aluminium, copper, brass or some other valuable metal, these are some of the best ways that you can source it for free in Australia:

  • Your Home
    One of the easiest ways to source scrap in Australia is to keep a stash of all the metal that comes through your home, such as old aluminium drink cans or tins. As a side tip, if you crush them, they become much easier to store. By collecting all of the scrap that would otherwise be thrown out in your house, you may find yourself with a pretty good haul after only a few months.

  • Construction Sites
    When contractors, electricians and plumbers are finished working on a building site, they will often leave behind a bunch of scrap in Australia that they have no use…

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