How to Keep Your Swimming Pools in Good Condition

Maintaining your swimming pool ensures the safety of you and your family. If you have no idea how to keep your pool in good condition, consider asking local pool maintenance specialists. You can hire professional pool cleaners to maintain your pool, or you can do it yourself and perhaps save cost. When maintaining swimming pools, you have to consider checking the general pool condition and inspecting for leaks. Part of pool inspection is water testing to check chlorine and pH levels. Then you have to inspect the pool covers, pumps, and filters.


Importance of Pool Covers


When you don’t intend to use your pool for a few weeks, it is wise to put on the covers. A pool cover is one of the chief swimming pool supplies you must have. It significantly reduces evaporation of water by at least 90%. Your pool could lose more or less an inch of water per week to evaporation if you don’t install covers. Pools left uncovered for a year could lose thousands of gallons of water.



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