How To Live with Type 1 Diabetes?

Life As A Type 1 Diabetic

When the body is no longer able to produce insulin, juvenile diabetes or type 1 diabetes occurs. Sufferers of type 1 diabetes will have to live with the condition forever. It is also necessary for them to be more careful with their food and body. This article intends to instruct you what has to be done to live life as a type 1 diabetic.



  • The doctor is a diabetic’s best friend. Constant consultation with your doctor can assist in managing your diabetes well, if you are a patient with juvenile diabetes. You will need assistance from your doctor to determine when new supplies need to be ordered, check on all prescribed medications you may need as well as other health problems connected to type 1 diabetes. It is advisable to not miss any appointments  for further checkups by your doctor. Do not use any new medication without a consultation with your doctor. Inform your doctor of any changes in how you feel at all times. 


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