How To Say Love with Sending Flowers

It is great practice to let him/her know if you missing or thinking about during a tough time of life. Flowers, as a smile of God has power to convey your true feelings, make it easy for showing compassion and love that you have.

Make it a Habit:

If you want to express love without being too obvious, just like on a regular basis that you likes to keep up, try with sending carnation flowers. They are considered as the symbol for concealed love. Red carnation speak to the recipient that they are a flame in your heart while pink carnations express the message of being how you are longing for them. Showing your deep concern or regards without a reason or occasion is though as a best practice in relationship. Say it with flowers; gift a bunch of red tulips to declare your love. Gift a Primrose bouquet that boast of your feeling how you cannot live without them while a beautiful yellow gerbera tell your special someone that you love them in secret!

Think it different:

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