Identification of Heritage German Beer Stains—The Right Way

When we talk about the origin of the word “stein”–we go back in times to Germany, where “stein” meant stone. Created for the consumption of beer, these German beer steins traditionally had a lid which could be opened and closed at ease. The lids were effective in warding away bugs from entering the German heritage beer steins. Over time, these very mugs became collectible items because of their ornate carvings, stonework, sculptures and paintings.

Identification of the authenticity of German steins requires a keen eye. As an avid collector of German beer stein pieces, it is important to be aware of some tell tale identification marks which will help you create a priceless collection over time.

Take a look at the material used for making the stein-

Germans steins belonging to the era before the 1800s were usually made of wood, earthenware, hard metal, stone or pewter.

Search for the label-

Read the letters inscribed at the bottom of these heritage steins. In most cases,…

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