Improve Productivity with Server Monitoring Software

It can be set up easily and has multiple features to monitor system events and provide added security. The highly configured and hosted application can work across various types of networks and provide improved visibility and faster resolution of issues through greater capability.

Key Benefits

Your company can derive many key benefits and increase performance by saving on costs and time by installing this state-of-the-art application.

• Alerts are delivered through SMS text messages, phone calls, emails, or webhooks. These can be preconfigured, user defined, and escalated. System health can be checked through the lightweight data collector that needs to be installed behind your customer’s or your system’s firewalls.
• There are options various types of monitoring including storage, network, power, database, cloud computing, applications and other systems.
• The Collector, a simple Java based application, can be easily downloaded on Windows or Linux systems and it is very…

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