In Bible Vs Quran, Man ate the bread of Angels

In Bible Vs Quran, Man ate the bread of Angels


The Bible says that “Man ate the bread of Angels“.

Have the Angels bread?

Do the Angels eat?


In Islam, the Angels have no sex, they do not eat, drink, sleep or rest and they do not have Bread.  Allah has created Angels from pure light. Has the light bread? Does the light eat?

In Islam, anyone says or believes that the Angels eat or have bread will be punished in the hereafter.




It is interested that the editors of “Contemporary English Version” found that it is hard to believe that the Angels have bread; that is why they translate Man ate the bread of Angels

To:”Each one of them ate this special food“. They do mention neither the Angels nor the bread.

On the other hand, the eminent editors of the English versions of the Bible usually mix-up and translate the special meaning of the original Hebrew word with a general meaning of another word.

Like for example (the verse of Psalms 78:25) when…

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