Infuse Olive Oil ~ Homemade Seasonings

Herbed oil are a boon in the kitchen if you want to make your own oil for dipping bread, marinate, brown meats and braise, baste, make fried rice, cook in oil and make salad dressings. They can also be used and made in a slightly different way, in beauty preparations.

Homemade Seasonings: Herbs that make good culinary oils are basil, savory, fennel, thyme, rosemary and tarragon. The taste of basil goes well with tomatoes, so cook ratatouille in basil oil; fennel goes well with fish and in salads; tarragon suits fish, poultry or meats; thyme is excellent with vegetables.

If possible make your herbed oil in summer as strong sunlight is needed for the aromatic oils to be extracted from the herbs.

Infusing Olive Oil: Crush the freshly cut herbs in a pestle and mortar, or put them through a blender. Put two tablespoons of pounded herbs in a 1 ¼ cup crock or wide-necked, screw-top bottle. Fill three quarters full with sunflower, corn, vegetable or olive oil. Add one tablespoon of…

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