Internet Marketing Tools – Podcasts For List Building

You know I’m all about list building…and taking advantage of all sorts of tools to get traffic that will help build my list…help you grow your list. Podcasting is one of the recent internet marketing tools that anyone can use for list building.

What is a podcast you ask? Well, it is a free video or audio series…the easiest way to look at it is like radio of television show…one that you download and play on your computer or iPod or phone.

Kind of go back in history a bit…100 years ago or so we had newspapers…you could read stories and even have some pictures in them. Then radio came along and things changed, right?

So take that analogy and apply it to the internet. We had the internet…lots of websites with words and pictures…well, then podcasting came along and brought audio to the net just like radio.

The advantage to podcasts over radio is you don’t have to listen to the “show” only when it airs. I mean, people used to sit around and listen to the radio as a…

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